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New Improvoetry Workshop Feb 2017

Liberate your imagination… Merge your talents in writing and performing! In Improvoetry workshops Lesly and award-winning poet Alice Teeter use improvisation exercises as a springboard for creating poetry and employ writing practices for use in spoken and non-spoken improvisation. Participants learn spontaneous techniques to use as writing-block releases, for poetic inspiration, and to strengthen performance …

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New Playshops for Women in 2017

Women’s Playshops Navigating the Space In Between  DESIGNED for women with lives in flux and transition, this workshop focuses on calling forth one’s authentic self to be a guide in times of uncertainty. How difficult it often is to stay with the uncomfortable present and wait for the answers to come! February 19   12:00-4:30 More …

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Curtain Up! Anxiety Down! Winter/Spring Classes Announced!

Lesly Fredman - Improv Class

Psychotherapist and development coach Murray Dabby, LCSW and Lesly have teamed up to provide a new valuable approach to helping people who suffer from social anxiety, phobia, speaking in front of groups, or ordinary forms of shyness and difficulties in social environments. Based on their experiences in their respective work, as well as learning from …

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Shrubbery…Or Ecstasy?

My living room is currently my studio. It is where my improv classes take place and where I see clients. Every Monday afternoon and Wednesday night (and sometimes on Saturday or Sunday afternoon) the table by the windows with the view of the front porch (one of the cats’ “television” watching posts) along with the …

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If Not Now, When?

  Envisioning the future of my work at 63 years of age is a whole different ballgame than imagining my creative future at 23 or even 53. I am aware of an urgency driving my desires and actions and a voice a little louder each time saying, “If not now, when?” Both the urgency and …

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The Big Why

  Why do I do what I do…as a creativity coach, improv teacher, performer, director, producer? Because I truly, deeply, madly believe in the power of art and laughter to create healthy digestive systems, happy brains, and world peace. Because I believe that to play is a way to gain entry into one another’s heart …

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Do Cats Do Improv?

Upside Down Bo

This blog is intended to provide information, address concerns, and clear up fallacies about the art of improvisation. I welcome any and all questions. Question from D.R.: “Do cats improv?” Cats are spontaneous, but unfortunately, most cats do not follow the rules of improv: especially make your partner look good and say yes. In fact, …

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