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Creative Process

Sharing Your Creative Process

This project came out of my own fascination with the mystery and eclectic nature of the Creative Process. I love hearing how people engage in making and shaping their work, whether they employ ritual or routine, trial and error—and as they fall in and out of love with their Muse.

Participants in this group will already be involved in creating work and will share the earthshaking thrills or despair of being in the gloomy pit of “stuck” that is part of their process. In this way each group member will facilitate the ease of producing their own work and offer possible “light bulbs” of inspiration and insight to their group mates.

Over the course of three series of seven bi-monthly sessions, each participant will introduce his/her own particular method (and perhaps accompanying madness) to the rest of the group, which will then be a source of discussion, exploration and interaction. And here let me say something very important: the sharing of individual processes will not in any way engender critique of any sort.  We will be engaged in learning from, delighting in, experimenting with the hows and whys and whats of getting to the essential “down to it-iveness” of igniting that crucial spark.


Series 1 draws on individual process and sharing of work

Series 2 explores collaboration and the creative process

Series 3 explores the relationship of personal history and the creative process

Location: the Living Studio on Melrose

Fee: $175.00 per series

Time: Tuesday 9:30-11:30 a.m. or 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Start date: TBA


For more information or to register, contact Lesly using the form below:



Here’s what people are saying:

I was not sure what to expect when I joined Lesly’s Creative Process Group. As it turned out I learned more about how we are creative and made friends. I looked forward to every meeting, confident in Lesly’s abilities to guide us and in her unwavering kindness. I am happily anticipating Creative Process Group part four.

T.S., poet and improviser


Participating in the Creative Process group led by Lesly Fredman was eye opening and challenging with a big dose of added fun. Lesly offered creative,unique activities to explore our relationships to our own creative process, unearth our stories and get a fresh take on our unique ways of listening to our muse. Each session was full of surprise and learning. I highly recommend this class to all creative beings.

J.B., artist and performer


The Creative Process Group with Lesly Fredman has taken my writing and performance art to a whole new level by exploring ideas outside the box and maintaining an attitude of fun and frolicking. For example, I am using this new-found lightness to guide me as I problem solve with my publisher in areas of marketing and negotiating around unexpected delays.

L.H., writer and dancer


I found Lesy’s creative process group to be awesome for opening me up around all my writing projects. The writing process can be isolating as I’m often working alone. The group gives you a partnership with other writers/artists/creatives who “get” you and champion your work. My group experience really fed me as a creative person.

K.J., writer


For me, the Creative Process group was a fun and supportive group and a place to explore the “backstory” to my own creativity. I uncovered and/or learned new things about myself and got a front row seat as other artists explored their own creative process.

M.S., improv performer


Lesly Fredman is the bomb! Skilled and always prepared, this multi talented amazing woman was able to help me develop and write The Other Side of Mourning, a Memoir in Story and Song, and then directed every aspect of the live production. Her experience as a coach, director, actor, teacher, and performer gives her a unique insight into the creative process with which she gets the best from her students/clients.

B.D., musician/songwriter/playwright

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