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IMPROVISATION is a tool you can use to connect with your inventive, wide-awake self and a toy to share with others. When you improvise you learn how to be more generous and supportive – of yourself and others. You rekindle your spirit of play and unleash your imagination. You allow yourself to discover bold new ways of being.

Improv can increase your enjoyment of daily interactions, permit self-discovery, enhance your performance skills, boost your confidence AND your immune system!

Wednesday Night Improv traveled to Wesley Woods to play with class member Ernie Brazeal while she is recovering from a broken right knee and a broken left ankle,

Wednesday Night Improv traveled to Wesley Woods to play with class member Ernie Brazeal while she is recovering from a broken right knee and a broken left ankle,


When:    Monday afternoons 2:00-4:00 p.m.

                Wednesday evenings 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Where:  Classes are held in Decatur, Georgia

Ages: 18 and up (or younger by special invitation)

Class fees:  $15-$20 per session (sliding scale)

For more information or to reserve your spot, fill out the form below:


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As an Executive Coach and Professional Facilitator, I have learned so much from Lesly about being present and accepting what “is” in the moment to work with and transform.  She has the gift of observing how to build on your own unique talents so that you can take it to the next level…and all of this with a loving and generous spirit such that you want to grow and take risks!”  L.D.

“For those who are petrified at the prospect of being on display without a plan, the surprise is that embarrassment is no ogre but a funny little elf carrying all kinds of news you’re glad to hear.” E.B.

This class has been an ongoing learning, teaching, playing event in my life. Lesly has such a delicate, playful touch with even the most challenging exercises and scenes. She always comes up with just enough of a new twist that makes each class a new funtastic event. The class has given me a confidence with other people that I just did not have before I began.” R.W.


A New Approach to Social Anxiety, Social Phobia and Shyness


Psychotherapist and development coach Murray Dabby, LCSW and Lesly have teamed up to provide a new valuable approach to helping people who suffer from social anxiety, phobia, speaking in front of groups, or ordinary forms of shyness and difficulties in social environments.

Based on their experiences in their respective work, as well as learning from the successful Second City approach in Chicago, the combined use of improv and therapy can be a significant tool to help someone manage anxiety felt in social situations.

Each class will include a 90 minute improv experience followed by an 1 hour-long opportunity for group members to safely process the experience. The class activities will progress from simple play to more elaborate experiences based on the needs of the group. The sharing group sessions will explore our reactions to the exercises as well as how the playful lessons learned in class can be used in everyday life.

An initial consultation may be required for each participant prior to the first class to help insure the experience will be a success.

Class size will be optimal for members to have a positive and productive learning experience, with space limited to 8-12 participants.

Please call us for fee structure.  There will also be an opportunity for partial scholarships, based on need.

Location is taking place in the Shoulder Down T’ai Chi studio in the Little 5 Point Arts and Community Space next to the Horizon Theatre!  Other workshop may be  conveniently located in the Atlanta or Decatur area.

For more info or to register visit our website at http://www.curtainupanxietydown.com or call Murray at 404-633-3282, ext 1 or Lesly at 404-377-3749.




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