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Liberate your imagination…

Merge your talents in writing and performing! In Improvoetry workshops we use improvisation exercises as a springboard for creating poetry and employ writing practices for use in spoken and non-spoken improvisation.

Participants learn spontaneous techniques to use as writing-block releases, for poetic inspiration, and to strengthen performance skills. Poems written on the spot are used to invent scenes and characters.

The workshop will enhance any prior knowledge and skills as well as create new pathways for expression to liberate your imagination!

All levels of acting and creative writing experience welcome (from zero to Oscar, Tony & Pulitzer Prize winning).

Lesly Fredman is Managing and Artistic Director of Theatre on the Prowl, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and co-founder of the Dancing Flowers for Peace. She has directed numerous theatrical productions, organized performance festivals, and teaches improv classes at the drop of a hat. She counts Alice as one of her most playful pupils. In another collaborative effort, Alice contributed to the creation of The Pig Opera, an opera about xenotransplantation.

Alice Teeter has written poetry since fourth grade. She is the founder of The Pine Lake School of Poetry, a state of mind, where Lesly is on the graduate faculty and serves as a constant source of inspiration. Alice is currently working on a collaboration involving physicists and dancers exploring the meanings of string theory. Her collection of poems entitled String Theory won the Georgia Poetry Society’s 2007-2008 Charles B. Dickson Chapbook Contest judged by poet Lewis Turco. And in April of 2009, Star Cloud Press published Alice’s first full-length collection of poems When It Happens To You…

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