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I am the proud fairy godmother of a now sixteen-year-old boy. It is a duty and responsibility that I undertook only after serious consideration. After I made the commitment, then the fun began!

Cory and I figured out how to take elephants to the moon (you use a mirrored passageway). We discussed which planets have the most and best sunsets, and the delicate aerodynamics of paper airplane launching. Other adults who witnessed us deep in conversation would comment on how well I got along with four year old Cory. What they didn’t realize was how thrilled I was to participate in those conversations. You see, I love to play.

That’s why I launched my creativity coaching career. I realized that when we enter the “real world” of work and responsibility, the stress we encounter can offer little incentive for maintaining a playful spirit. We can lose our sense of balance as we compartmentalize our lives into separate areas — work, school, family, personal. The goals we set for ourselves do not originate from our heart’s desire but from expectations we wear that fit like a suit of armor. Our creativity is encased, not embraced.

Imagine living your life unarmed — without excuses, regrets, guilt and heavy-heartedness.

“Working with Lesly helped rekindle the creative spark within me. Learning how to break down or circumvent my own barriers through creative expression, play, and simple good fun, empowered me to take the next steps in my lfe’s path. For anyone who feels like they are doing the same thing, the same patterns over and over again, do something different and let Lesly work with you to add a fabulous tool to your toolkit: fun.”  Michael Forrester

As your coach, I would love to help you:

  • overcome social anxiety, relax into mindfulness, and recover your sense of play in day to day interactions
  • ignite your imagination and reclaim your sense of purpose during career transitions, and invent life affirming work
  • mine your creativity and implement effective ways to initiate and complete artistic projects
  • strengthen your stage presence and articulate your message as a performer or presenter
  • enhance your focus, communication, and collaboration as you shape the creative vision of your team


We’ll set up an initial consultation to determine which of the offerings will best suit your needs. Or, we’ll tailor-make a plan. Our work together will consist of weekly or bi-weekly sessions for an agreed upon length of time. At the end of that period, as we witness the re-emergence of your creative spirit and applaud your accomplishments, we will decide what happens next.

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Individual Coaching

Coaching for Individuals Creative Process Coaching for visual and craft artisans, musicians and writers in the beginning stages of a project or seeking to complete a body of work. Presentation/Performance Coaching for professionals making presentations, performers wanting to increase their audition or rehearsal skills, attorneys who need to enhance their “court” presence, actors/models who do …

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