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Individual Coaching

Coaching for Individuals

Creative Process

Coaching for visual and craft artisans, musicians and writers in the beginning stages of a project or seeking to complete a body of work.


Coaching for professionals making presentations, performers wanting to increase their audition or rehearsal skills, attorneys who need to enhance their “court” presence, actors/models who do on camera commercials or industrial films.

Career Transition

Coaching for individuals who, because of unemployment or burn-out, want to make a new start and a dream come true.

What clients say:

Lesly’s coaching style is playful, but laser like. Her ability to listen deeply and hear what’s rumbling beneath the surface is amazing. Like most great mentors, she is tenacious in the delicate act of dream catching. Lesly coaches me to stay focused…as a songwriter that’s really important to me. Working with Lesly keeps me accountable for my goals. It’s the difference between talking about song writing, and having my songs recorded, as they are now, on my CD.” – Kathy Jernigan, Songwriter

Working with Lesly helped rekindle the creative spark within me. Learning how to break down or circumvent my own barriers through creative expression, play, and simple good fun, empowered me to take the next steps in my life’s path. For anyone who feels like they are doing the same thing, the same patterns over and over again, do something different and let Lesly work with you to add a fabulous tool to your toolkit: fun.” – Michael Forrester

I think of Lesly as someone who saved my life, my writing life. Lesly has techniques for working around writer’s block that helped me enormously. The creative landscape can be a crazy place. Delving into your own psyche can make you feel off-kilter. Lesly looks at the tangled mess, teases out the threads of the imagination and helps unknot them. She has enormous intuition and can attune herself to the creative impulses of her clients. She works imaginatively and has many ideas and exercises — some of them from her work in the theater — that freed me up and moved me forward.” – Stell Simonton

I have been enriched on so many levels working with Lesly. She has an acute sense of what is needed in the way of tools, ‘tricks,’ and other resources (both inner and outer) to facilitate my continued growth as an artist. Through my work with Lesly, I begin to build the confidence and clarity of purpose I seek to support and honor integral, authentic expression in all facets of my life.” – Kathy Colt, Textile Designer/Atlanta

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