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Play Dates for Couples

Play Date 1

Designed for couples who need to find time for their relationship, learn how to keep it primary and fresh amid busy lives and multiple commitments. We promise that couples will learn new ways to connect, increase positive interactions, increase collaborative capacities and learn to diffuse difficult moments with humor and heart.

Play Date 2

Designed for couples who are ready to explore their relationship and take personal responsibility in creating safety and connection in a deeper way. We challenge participants to dig a little deeper into the story of their relationship, discover the multiple selves they bring to a relationship and the task of claiming them in themselves and their partners. We explore the Developmental Stages of Relationship: the Romantic Stage, the Power Struggle, and the path to Conscious Connecting and “Grown Up” Love. Take a fresh and lively look at the power struggle in your relationship and play with new ways of responding. Get to know new aspects of yourself and your partner while deeply connecting.



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