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Playshops for Women

Navigating The Space In Between

DESIGNED for women with lives in flux and transition, this workshop focuses on calling forth one’s authentic self to be a guide in times of uncertainty. How difficult it often is to stay with the uncomfortable present and wait for the answers to come! As women, we have been taught to look outside of ourselves for answers, to wait for others to make decisions, to not rock the boat. Participants will gain access to authentic knowing, revitalize their moxie, find exuberance in risk taking, and learn the art of accepting and embracing what is.

THROUGH high-energy fun, role playing, art making, writing, and movement, participants can access their inner allies and wise women, in whatever forms they may appear, and discover a treasure trove of inner knowing.

On and Off the Map: A playshop of discovery and movement for women

Language shapes our thinking. Venturing into new territory both emotionally and in the way we think can cause shifts and balances in how we respond and act in the world. This playshop is about redirecting our steps into the future by developing a lexicon of possibilities for creating new maps to find our way across the terrain of our psyches.


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